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Outdoor Portable Emergency Water Filter

Outdoor Portable Emergency Water Filter

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Product information:
Material: ABS material, ultrafiltration membrane, composite carbon fiber
Filtration precision: 0.1 microns
Product specification: 37*172 mm
Net weight: 90 grams
Water quality used: flowing stream water, river water, etc.
Purified water flow rate 0.45L/min
Water purification capacity: 1000L (different water quality will vary)

1/Direct water absorption: Insert the straw water purifier into the water for 4--8 cm, first blow air to discharge the air inside the water purifier, and gently absorb water (too hard to absorb water will make it difficult for water to come out). Because there is a protective liquid, it is recommended to spit out the water that was sucked up in the first few mouths.
2/Connecting water bottles: Both the bottom and the water outlet can be connected to 28MM diameter plastic water bottles (such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Kunlun Mountain, etc. water bottles with a 30MM thread interface cannot be connected), squeeze and filter.
3/Connecting water bags: When multiple people are required to supply water and water for camping and picnics, after connecting a large outdoor water bag, a large amount of clean water can be easily obtained through gravity filtration; when individuals are hiking, they can connect a water bag up and down and hang it on a backpack. Filter as you go.

Packing list:
Portable water filter + collapsible bottle + filter element *1

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